Is Twitter Still Relevant For Your Niche?

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Guest Post by Olivia Winslow, owner of Rocky Boy Music.

With the rise in the popularity of Instagram, many people are asking if Twitter is still relevant, especially for musicians. The reality is Twitter isn’t relevant for all music genre and/or niches. It all depends on whether your target market is active on Twitter.

One reason why people question if Twitter is still relevant is because of the lack of engagement on Twitter. The lifespan of a tweet is only 18 minutes compared to Instagram posts lifespan lasting about 21 hours. Even through Twitter's faults, there are many features that Twitter has that Instagram does not.

One thing Twitter has that Instagram does not have is shortness. On Twitter, short tweets are what thrive. You can’t actually tweet anything longer than 280 characters. On Instagram, people want a few sentences to a microblog. On Twitter people just want it short and sweet. That is why Twitter is great for short random posts like your crazy late night thoughts and witty jokes. Instagram isn’t the place to say things like:

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Twitter is also a conversational platform. It is a great place to talk to fans and give them insight on you and your creative process. Features that help facilitate the conversational aspect of Twitter is the quote and tweet thread feature. An example of the conversational aspect of Twitter is Halsey interacting with her fans on the anniversary of her album Badlands.

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In addition to Twitter being short and sweet and having a conversational aspect is that it has different features of their algorithm than Instagram does. On Instagram, they do not allow clickable links in your post. On Facebook, their algorithm penalizes you for posting links in your posts. On Twitter, you can post links without being penalized. Which is perfect for musicians trying to promote their new music.

On some platforms, you get penalized for posting too much. But not on Twitter! Twitter actually encourages you to post frequently. Some people post up to 100 times a day. This actually increases your reach and how many people interact with you. In my opinion, this is because of tweets short lifespan.

Now that you know the relevancy of Twitter, will you be using it?